Excellence in Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability is probably the most pressing issue in our research field, as it’s not the product itself, but its supply chain that has an impact on sustainability. The study Excellence in Supply Chain Sustainability by EBS Business School and Logica is aimed at investigating sustainability in today’s companies, determining its degree of implementation, and identifying driving and impeding factors. The authors find that companies who engage in pollution prevention activities in production and in sustainable development have a better economic performance than companies without this engagement. It is also found that sustainability is a high-priority objective in companies – pushed by both the management and customers. However, customers who are not willing to pay for it and a management that is not commited to it are strong barriers to sustainability. The authors also provide recommendations on how to become a sustainable company based on their survey data.

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About Andreas Wieland

Dr. Andreas Wieland is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Risk Management at the Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School. His current research interests include resilient and socially responsible supply chains.

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