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Navigating the Climate Crisis in Apple’s Global Supply Chain

This article, entitled Apple’s Supply Chain Is on a Collision Course With Climate Change, argues that Apple’s supply chain faces major risks from the climate crisis. Despite its efforts to become carbon neutral, the regions where its suppliers are located are highly vulnerable to climate-related natural disasters and have carbon-intensive energy grids. I believe it would make a great case study for business school classes, using the following questions: 1. Identify and summarize the key challenges and risks Apple faces related to its supply chain in the context of the climate crisis. 2. Propose a risk management plan that Apple can implement (short-term and long-term strategies) to address these challenges. 3. Critically evaluate Apple’s recent carbon offset initiatives. 4. How can Apple “future-proof” its operations against escalating climate challenges? 5. How does Apple’s situation compare to other global electronics companies in terms of vulnerability to the climate crisis? What are the implications for the electronics industry?